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Baan Panalai

Baan Khanitha has always strived to use only the highest quality fresh produce without chemicals. This is important not only for cuisine to taste the best it can, but also to assure a healthy meal that can contribute to improving overall health.

As Khanitha says; “You are what you eat!”

This holistic philosophy towards well-being naturally led Khanitha to create an in-house organic farm, Baan Panalai, in the perfect climate of the plateau area of Khao Yai, Nakorn Rathasima province, near the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Khao Yai National Park’. Situated within a 98-rai compound around a central lake and clubhouse with 24-hour security, Baan Panalai Village will have twenty-three 2-4 rai plots available for those looking to share Khanitha’s dream of natural comfortable living.

Today, most of the vegetables used at Baan Khanitha the Baan Panalai organic farm, grown using natural fertiliser, without insecticides or chemicals. Khanitha and her family enjoy eating clean & healthy food, and make sure that all the dishes at Baan Khanitha are made with ‘heart’, offering the very same high quality that they would for themselves and all their guests.